KINSEIRYUHOU is a therapeutic approach which has theoretically analyzed the ancient traditional KENBIKI techniques, which neutralizes false signals of the nerves and improves poor blood-circulations bymanually pulling (“BIKI”) the muscles and tendons (“KEN”) into their optimum locations without kneading, percussions, or by popping bones. It brings forth the body’s natural healing abilities, thereby improves its overall state.

KINSEIRYUHOU has been successful in treating acute and chronic lower back pains, frozen and stiff shoulders, limited range of motions in the elbows and knees, locked mandibular joints, locked hip joints, sciatica, facial and intercostal neuralgia, trigger fingers, irregular menstrual cycles and menstrual pains, fatigue, whiplash of the neck, dysautonomia, anorexia, depression, constipation, and etc.

The numerous miracles brought on by this traditional therapeutic approach has been introduced in health and sports magazines as something that matches the needs of modern people.

KINSEIRYUHOU has roughly 750 students nation-wide in Japan, and of them 293 are CERTIFIED KENBIKI PRACTITIONERS.
There are Kenbiki Dojos, clinics, and other healthcare spots offering this technique in 101 locations throughout Japan.
KINSEIRYUHOU KENBIKI is ready to lead the realm of therapies.

There are personal therapy-sessions performed by the founder of KINSEIRYUHOU, Akinobu Oguchi himself, offered in many areas within Japan.